Professional teeth whitening is one of the easiest and most effective ways to transform your smile. Procedures are quick, affordable and suitable for practically anyone.

About Tooth Whitening Treatment

For most patients, we recommend at home teeth whitening trays. You will be given custom made bleaching trays that fit the contours of your teeth. A professional strength whitening gel is used to gradually whiten teeth over several days or weeks. Whitening trays are typically worn for a few hours each day or over night to break up stains and minimize discoloration.

Tooth Whitening FAQs

What can I expect from teeth whitening?
Most patients will see a dramatic improvement in the color of their teeth – typically 8 shades or lighter. Teeth whitening can be used for teeth that have discoloration from foods, beverages, tobacco use, and/or age. If you have staining due to antibiotics, ask about alternative treatments such as veneers or tooth bonding.

What’s the difference between over-the-counter whitening products and professional bleaching?
Over-the-counter whitening strips, brush-on gels, and toothpastes take weeks, and sometimes months, to lighten teeth a few shades. In addition, these products often cause sensitivity to the gums and teeth. Professional bleaching trays are custom designed to fit over the teeth, ensuring even application of the bleaching solution. Our products are safe and will not harm the teeth or gums.

Will bleaching make my teeth sensitive?
While our products are designed to minimize tooth sensitivity, it is normal to experience some mild sensitivity during treatment. Dr. Hoffert may recommend switching to a toothpaste for sensitive teeth during your treatment. Tooth sensitivity generally doesn’t last more than a few days.

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