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Dental technology is cool too! | Dr. Miller, Asheville, NC

We have all grown to both love and appreciate what modern technology can do to make life easier and more comfortable. Dr. Miller offers his Asheville area dental patients the benefits of modern dental technology which can offer the same: visits that are more convenient and more comfortable!

Dr. Miller has incorporated a variety of dental technologies into his Asheville dental practice, all of which offer his patients an enhanced experience in both diagnosis and comfort. Dr. Miller and his staff are committed to providing their patients with excellent dental care in a relaxed environment and they take the time necessary to fully understand each procedure and how new technology can improve the patient experience.

Technology is used in both preventive care and complex restorative procedures, beginning with the use of digital radiography. Using digital x-rays reduces a patient’s exposure to radiation up to 40%. It also provides Dr. Miller with clear digital pictures that can be used to diagnose dental health problems in their earliest stages, when conservative treatment is most effective.

With the use of Diagnodent, a laser cavity detector, Dr. Miller can catch decay in its early stages, preventing the need for more invasive procedures to restore oral health. Dr. Miller also uses the Piezo scaler for a more gentle, yet thorough, cleaning that ensures the removal of bacteria that can cause decay and gum disease. These tools provide effective and accurate routine care without the use of metal dental tools which often make patients feel more anxious about a procedure.

For patients who do suffer with dental anxiety, Dr. Miller and his staff go out of their way to make them feel relaxed, offering IV sedation dentistry as well as a wide selection of music to enjoy during a visit. Dr. Miller has a library of over 100 CDs covering a wide range of music, but also encourages patients to bring their own favorites!

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