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Let’s talk oral hygiene.

October is National Dental Hygiene Month!

In recognition of this health reminder, Asheville dentist Dr. Miller reminds patients that their dental hygiene matters: it is the foundation for a healthy smile and can have an affect on overall physical well being. Studies continue to show the connection between the state of our oral health and the increased risk of a variety of overall health concerns, including cardiovascular disease.

Good oral health can be sustained with two important health habits:

  • Daily oral hygiene routine that includes brushing an flossing
  • Two routine preventive care visits with Dr. Miller annually

Daily oral hygiene supports dental health between visits, reducing plaque build up and the development of gum disease and tooth decay. the two most common dental health problems. Keeping these in check can help to prevent larger, more complex dental issues from developing. Dr. Miller will also make recommendations for specific at home oral hygiene practices that may be necessary for patients with gum disease or other problems that can affect dental health between visits.516314543

Routine visits with Dr. Miller provide the opportunity for he and his staff to spot possible dental health problems in the early stages, when conservative treatment can be most effective.Dr. Miller also looks for signs of oral cancer and underlying problems affecting the balance of the bite. Addressing these concerns promptly can often be a life saver!

If you have been avoiding the dentist, Dr. Miller welcomes you to his Asheville dentist office. He offers a thorough examination and sedation dentistry options to ensure your comfort during a procedure or treatment. Dr. Miller will take the time to discuss your oral health, questions you may have and your goals for both dental health and cosmetic concerns.

Don’t neglect your oral health! Keeping your smile functional and healthy can be an important part of a good quality of life on a daily basis.