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What Snacks To Avoid During Quarantine

Healthy Smiles Healthy SnacksMany people have been stuck at home lately due to the COVID-19 crisis. As a result, a lot more of our patients have expressed curiosity about how their snack choices will affect their dental health. As your trusted dentist in Asheville, NC, the Red Maple Dental team has put together a small list of snacks that you should avoid during this quarantine. The following snacks are tough on your teeth and should only be consumed in moderation:


Candy has very little nutritional value. Gummy, chewy, or sour gummies are particularly bad for your teeth. The chewy sugars easily get stuck in the crevices of your smile. The acid from the artificial flavorings wear down your tooth enamel and can lead to sensitivity. Additionally, the residue left behind from the candy remains on your smile long after you have finished snacking. Try curing a sweet tooth with some apple slices instead. Apples are great for your teeth while also providing the sweetness from natural sugars.

Potato Chips

Chips can be just as harmful as candy. Chips contain a lot of starches that break down into sugars and feed the harmful bacteria in your mouth. This bacteria is eventually what leads to tooth decay or gum disease. Chips can also be very crunchy, making them less desirable for patients experiencing jaw pain or a TMJ disorder. Try swapping out these crunchier snacks for something easier on the mouth muscles, like cheese. You can buy cubed cheese, string cheese, or cheese slices. All types of cheeses offer calcium to your teeth, which is essential for bone strength.

Citrus Fruits

While most fruits and vegetables are great for your overall health, citrus fruits can actually damage your teeth. The acids produced from fruits like grapefruits, lemons, or oranges can eat away at your enamel and cause increased tooth sensitivity. If you do indulge in a citrus fruit every once in a while, make sure to wait thirty minutes and then rinse your mouth out with water to help reduce the amount of acid left on your tooth surfaces.

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