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How Our Dental Technology Helps You

At Red Maple Dental, we stay up to date with the latest in dental technology. This is to help make our procedures quicker, safer, and more comfortable for both our patients and our staff. Dr. Shawna Hoffert, a dentist in Asheville, NC, discusses the dental technology we utilize and how it helps benefit our patients.asheville, nc dentist

CEREC Omnicam

CEREC technology helps us take dental restorations to the next level. We use it to take detailed digital images of your teeth and mouth that the restorations will be crafted from. This replaces the old method of impressions, where patients would have to bite down and create a mold in a viscous, putty-like material. This often makes patients gag and is uncomfortable to deal with.

These digital images are then sent directly to an in-house milling machine that’ll craft the restoration. We’re able to provide “Teeth in a Day” since the restoration doesn’t have to be crafted in an outside lab. The CEREC milling machine uses high-quality dental ceramic to craft the restoration and ensure that it fits the shade, size, and shape of the rest of your smile.

Digital Radiography

Dental x-rays are commonly used to detect things like cavities, see the position of wisdom teeth, and find any other dental problems that may not be seen with the naked eye. With digital x-rays, we can make sure they’re taken in a way that’s quick and comfortable for the patient. The images are high-quality and help Dr. Hoffert make a diagnosis if you’re suffering from things like dental pain.

CT Scanning

When regular x-rays aren’t enough, that’s where CT scans come into play. CT scanning creates 3-D images of your mouth. Dr. Hoffert is not only able to see issues with your teeth but in the soft tissues and bone as well. All structures in the mouth can be examined. This technology is particularly useful for planning the best locations for successful dental implants.


Often, tooth decay isn’t detectable until it gets to later stages. When this happens, more radical treatment options must be used to get rid of it. DIAGNOdent uses laser fluorescence to detect dental cavities in the teeth long before they can be seen by the naked eye. It’s able to catch them in the earliest stages, making them easier to treat. Radical treatment options can be avoided.

Digital Imaging

Are you interested in a particular cosmetic or restorative dental procedure, but unsure of how you would look with it? Digital imaging helps you see what your smile will look like before you get the procedure. It helps you decide whether you want to move forward with the procedure you were thinking of and if you’ll be happy with the results.

Piezo Scaler

Piezo Ultrasonic Scalers operate at a high frequency to help remove plaque and tartar from your teeth and gums. It vibrates less than other scalers, making it more comfortable for the patient during their routine cleaning or periodontal therapy.

Dental Technology at Your Asheville, North Carolina Dentist

Red Maple Dental will continue to keep our technological offerings updated to make sure you’re happy and your mouth stays healthy. Call us or schedule an appointment online today!