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Do I Need a Dental Filling?

If you do not brush and floss frequently, or for long enough, food particles can sit on the teeth and gums. As bacteria accumulate, they feed on the food particles left on the smile. Bacteria release digestive acids which begin to dissolve the enamel or the top layer of the tooth. As the tooth enamel wears down, it can expose the underlayer, called dentin.

Over time, the bacteria can create pits or holes in the teeth, calls cavities. When the bacteria reach the inside of the tooth, it affects the dental pulp. Located within the tooth chamber, the dental pulp is made up of nerves and blood vessels. A root canal treatment can remove infected tooth pulp to save the tooth. Dr. Shawna Hoffert offers dental fillings to patients with tooth decay in Asheville, NC. Dental fillings help seal the tooth following a root canal.

Dental Fillings in Asheville, North Carolina

Signs of Tooth Decay

There are multiple common symptoms of tooth decay, including:

  • Visible holes in teeth (cavities)
  • Dark spots on the enamel
  • Chronic toothaches
  • Tooth sensitivity

Tooth decay often begins as sensitivity to hot or cold foods and beverages. Over time, patients can experience tooth pain when biting or chewing. Eventually, if tooth decay remains untreated, it affects the inside of the tooth. The best way to prevent tooth decay and cavities is to brush and floss twice a day. If needed, we can provide fluoride treatment or dental sealants at routine appointments. These treatments help prevent bacteria buildup on and within the teeth.

Choosing and Providing a Dental Filling

Traditional dental fillings were made of silver amalgam, which also contained mercury, which can be a damaging substance in high quantities, particularly when inhaled. We recommend composite dental fillings. Also known as white fillings, composite fillings do not contain mercury and easily blend in with the shade of natural teeth.

After cleaning and disinfecting the cavity or inside of the tooth, we apply the soft composite material. Then, the material is hardened and cured with UV light. With modern composite fillings, patients can preserve their natural teeth. Dental filling treatments use anesthetic and sedation for pain-free care.

On average, dental fillings can last for 10 to 15 years. We recommend that patients visit our office on a regular basis, so we can ensure that their fillings are maintained properly. If you have an old metal filling or any signs of discoloration or chips under your dental filling, contact our office. We can provide you with a replacement to prevent damage to your natural teeth.

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