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Replacing missing teeth is important for long term dental health!

Missing teeth can do more than just leave a hole in your natural smile.

Missing teeth can also lead to additional dental problems as the surrounding tissues adjust to the structural change. The bone where a tooth used to be can begin to shrink and adjacent teeth can shift, throwing off the balance of the bite. In addition, patients with missing teeth frequently have difficulty eating certain types of food and may notice changes in their speech patterns.

All in all, living with missing teeth can eventually compromise your daily quality of life!

There are options…

Asheville dentist Dr. Stephen Miller will perform a thorough exam and discuss a patient’s goals and concerns before making a treatment recommendation for tooth replacement.

Dental implants, now considered the gold standard of tooth replacement, can provide many patients with a durable, natural looking and functioning prosthetic tooth that can last a lifetime with proper care.

Dentures are now better looking and fitting than ever before and can be a great option for patients needing several or all of their teeth replaced. Dental implants can also be used to secure a denture, alleviating the need for daily adhesives and the problems of slippage.

If you have missing teeth, schedule a consultation with Dr. Miller and discuss your options- dental health is an important part of overall good health.