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Worn or Broken TeethAsheville, NC

If you have worn teeth, chipped teeth, or broken teeth, you may be suffering from an underlying functional problem. In many cases, a chipped tooth or broken tooth is caused by injury or accident. If you have teeth that break repeatedly – even after treatment, you may have an underlying functional problem.

Chipped Tooth Repair

For a single chipped or broken tooth caused by an injury or accident, Dr. Shawna Hoffert offers a range of treatment options such as tooth bonding, porcelain veneers, or dental crowns. Our goal is to repair your chipped or broken tooth as quickly as possible with the least amount of dentistry.

Chronically Broken Teeth

If you have teeth that break over and over – even after treatment, you may have an underlying functional problem. Often times, the problem is the result of an occlusal (bite) imbalance. This could come as a surprise since you may not have any other signs or symptoms other than the worn or broken teeth.

Establishing a Healthy Bite

Ideally, all of your teeth should make contact at the same time and with the same force. In many cases, there is an improper alignment of the jaw joints and/or teeth. When teeth make contact out of alignment with others, it can cause them to wear, chip or break.

Dr. Hoffert will create a personalized treatment plan designed to address your specific concerns and symptoms. This may involve bite equilibration (reshaping the teeth), orthodontics or other restorative treatments to rebalance the bite. Fixing the underlying cause of the problem will ensure that treatment results will be long lasting and comfortable.

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