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Missing TeethAsheville, NC

Missing teeth, even just one, can have a far-reaching impact on both oral and overall health and well being. When a tooth is lost, it can set in motion a domino effect of changes in the mouth that can lead to bite problems, compromise chewing and speaking and increase your risk for decay and gum disease. Dr. Hoffert works with patients on an individual basis to develop a personalized treatment plan for replacing lost teeth with the most suitable option for your needs, goals and budget.

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Treatment Options for Missing Teeth

There are a range of possible treatment options for replacing lost teeth, including all types of dental implants. Dr. Hoffert will evaluate your oral health before making recommendations most suitable for your unique needs:

  • Single missing tooth: one tooth can be replaced with dental implants or a dental bridge. Dental implants are often recommended for providing the most natural looking and functioning tooth replacement.
  • Multiple missing teeth: for multiple consecutive missing teeth a dental bridge can be placed to restore your smile. A new bridge can also be secured with dental implants for the most stable result.
  • Full arch of missing teeth: for patients missing a full arch or all of their teeth, Dr. Hoffert can give you back a beautiful new smile with a cosmetic denture or implant denture.

Schedule A Consultation

If you have one or more missing teeth, schedule a consultation with Dr. Hoffert to discuss your concerns, goals and treatment options. Replacing lost teeth as soon as possible can help you avoid the development of more complex concerns and get back to smiling comfortably. Contact our Asheville, NC dentist office to schedule a consultation or request one online.