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All About Cavities

You can’t argue with how important teeth are. They help us nourish our bodies and grow strong and stay healthy. Teeth also make up our smile which is an important part of making a good first impression when we meet…


How Well Do You Know Your Teeth?

How well do you know your teeth? We use them to chew our food and they play a large part in shaping your mouth and consequently your entire face. They make up your smile which is what you use to…


Maximize Your Dental Insurance Benefits in 2018

Insurance plans frequently include stipulations to shift the cost of dental care back onto you. However, the end of the year turns the tables and offers an opportunity for you to get the most out of your insurance providers. If…


Get the Smile You Deserve with Dental Implants

Are you self-conscious about your smile because of missing teeth? A dental implant may be the way for you to have the smile you want. To learn why patients and dentists prefer this tooth replacement option, read on. Why Choose…


Let Your Smile Shine With Tooth Whitening

Do you have big things on the horizon and you need to look your best?  Maybe you’re about to walk down the aisle with the person of your dreams? Are you finally being considered for that promotion after years of…


How Oral Health Affects Your Whole Body

Did you know that your oral health can say a lot about the rest of your body? More than just the point of entry into your body, your mouth can be an indicator of unrelated health conditions. Your oral health…


Avoiding Gum Disease

At Red Maple Dental, we are committed to helping our patients improve their oral health. Gum disease remains one of the most common dental concerns that patients face. However, gum disease is preventable with proper oral hygiene and preventive dental…


Solutions For Bad Breath

Bad breath can be an embarrassing issue that can affect your confidence and relationships. Bad breath may even be an indication of a complex dental concern. If you are experiencing bad breath that can not be solved by performing your normal…


The Effects Of Smoking On The Teeth

Smoking and tobacco use can have adverse effects on your health as well as your oral health. Research has suggested that smoking and tobacco use can contribute to the development of gum disease, teeth staining, oral cancer and halitosis. Over time…


Are Dental Veneers Right For You?

Dental veneers are one of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures patients undergo to improve the appearance of their smile. Dental veneers are thin, tooth-colored shells that carefully adhere to the front and sides of your teeth. Dental veneers can…