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What to Do About Damaged Dental Crowns

A dental crown is an effective restorative dental tool that fixes a variety of oral health concerns. The ceramic cap fits over a vulnerable tooth and is secured in place with dental bonding, shielding it from external stimuli. These fixtures…


3 Types of Dental Implants

Patients with missing teeth may be dissatisfied with the appearance of their smile when there are gaps between teeth. They may also notice increased difficulties in oral functions, such as eating or speaking. Dental implants can replace teeth and enhance…


How Can Cosmetic Dentistry Help Me?

Cosmetic dentistry is about restoring health to the mouth, eliminating pain, and achieving balance for long-lasting, natural-looking results. Dr. Shawna Hoffert is an experienced cosmetic dentist that offers a full range of treatment options to help bring subtle change or…


What Is Causing My Jaw Pain?

Dr. Shawna Hoffert treats patients with a range of dental problems, including TMJ and occlusal disorders that can often be the underlying cause of recurring headaches. Effective treatment for a bite disorder can alleviate your pain and improve your oral…


Why Prevent Tooth Decay?

Teeth help us enjoy a wide variety of food to nourish our bodies to grow strong and stay healthy. Teeth also make up our smile, which is an important part of making a good first impression when we meet new…


Healthy Smile, Healthy Lifestyle

Why is it important to have a healthy oral care routine? Healthy gums are the foundation for a healthy mouth. Dr. Shawna Hoffert spends time with patients to educate them on the importance of periodontal health and how it impacts…


Simple Tips For Better Dental Health

At Red Maple Dental, we are here to help our patients achieve optimal dental health that lasts a lifetime. Led by Dr. Shawna Hoffert our team provides a unique blend of personalized oral health care in a state-of-the-art environment. We've…


3 Reasons to Consider Restorative Dentistry

Many people think that cosmetic and restorative dentistry isn’t a good enough reason to correct problems with their smile like crooked, chipped, or overcrowded teeth. You might think that they’re simply cosmetic issues, and that the only reason for cosmetic…


Dental Health During The Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner, and Red Maple Dental is here to give you some of our top tips on maintaining your dental health. Smile maintenance is important every season, but especially during the super busy ones. Here…


Multiple Dental Implants: What to Expect

Dental implants can be used to replace anywhere from a single tooth to a full mouth of teeth. But what should you expect when you’re getting multiple dental implants? Dr. Shawna Hoffert of Red Maple Dental explains what you should…