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Teeth In A DayAsheville, NC

Teeth In A DayAn Overview

Have you broken or lost a dental crown or tooth filling and need it repaired right away? 

CEREC tooth in a day logo asheville ncWith the innovative technology of CEREC, Dr. Hoffert now offers Teeth In A Day.  In just one visit you can have a dental restoration designed, fabricated and fit from the comfort of our Asheville, NC dentist office. CEREC is a state of the art dental technology that designs and mills high-quality dental restorations.

What Is CEREC Technology?

CEREC is a noninvasive 3-D digital imaging system that customizes dental restorations. Using a handheld digital scanner, 3-D images are taken of the teeth and gums. The digital images are used to design comfortable, secure and beautiful precise dental restoration. CEREC allows for a better fit, more natural looking dental restoration in as little as one visit to our Asheville, NC dentist office.

Most wonderful experience. Kind, understanding staff & what a wonderful Dr.D.
For All the people that "hate going to the dentist" they need to meet Shawna Hoffert!P.
After a lifelong struggle with weak teeth that could never be whitened and were increasingly crooked, Dr. Hoffert and her team excelled!  I am so happy with my new smile!  It's a pleasure to smile and not feel that embarrassment to show my teeth or to bear the brunt of…P.B.
Great treatment experience as usual - superstar team!  Thank you!A.C.
Outstanding.  Very impressed with competence level.  Will bring in rest of family.J.C.

Teeth In A Day What to Expect

The CEREC machine is capable of designing and milling a dental restoration in a single dentist office visit.  In about one hour, the CEREC machine can design a dental crown or porcelain veneer uniquely tailored to your cosmetic and restorative needs. The dental restoration is milled on site by the CEREC machine eliminating wait times required by a dental lab.
Red Maple Dental CEREC Technology Asheville NC

Benefits of CEREC Teeth In A Day

CEREC provides a range of benefits for both the patient and dentist. CEREC is quick, effective, and uses only the highest quality dental materials for fabricating dental restorations. CEREC can be used to create custom dental crowns, veneers, fillings and other cosmetic dental restorations.

  • Ready in as little as one hour
  • Durable, high-quality restorations
  • Saves “blueprint” for future restorations
  • Eliminates the need for messy impression trays
  • Creates custom, natural looking results

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