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Dental Implants for Multiple Teeth Asheville, NC

Dental Implants for Multiple TeethAn Overview

Replacing several consecutive teeth that have been lost is often accomplished using a dental bridge. A custom-made appliance, a dental bridge literally “bridges the gap” between natural teeth to restore both function and aesthetics to your smile. Traditionally, a dental bridge can be removable or fixed, attached to adjacent teeth using porcelain or metal. With both of these options, the long term outcome is often less than desirable and may require replacement down the road as the loss of teeth impacts the jaw and fit of the bite over time.

Dr. Hoffert often recommends the use of either dental implants for each lost tooth if they are not consecutive or an implant-supported dental bridge. Using dental implants offers key benefits for your long term oral health as well as the best quality of life with the restoration of natural comfort, function and aesthetics.

implant supported bridge asheville nc

How Does An Implant Supported Bridge Work?

Using dental implants to support a dental bridge will provide a secure, comfortable and naturally functioning result. Dental implants can also provide greater longevity for your new bridge because they will stabilize jaw bone tissue and your remaining natural teeth.

Dr. Hoffert will explain all aspects the treatment process, including recovery and healing time between phases. We can perform all phases of your implant procedure in the comfort of our Asheville dental office, providing a consistency of care and the best possible result.

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Dental Implants for Multiple Teeth What to Expect

Using dental implants to support a dental bridge will be a multi step process, beginning with the surgical implantation of the posts. Dr. Hoffert, one of the most highly trained local dentists for the placement of dental implants, will work with you to coordinate each step of your procedure to ensure your comfort and the best result.

Dr. Hoffert offers sedation options and is certified in IV sedation, for patients who prefer to have no memory of the procedure afterward. We will discuss sedation with you during your consultation to ensure that you will be comfortable and that the sedation is safe for you and your overall health. After the posts are placed, they will need 3-6 months of time to completely heal and fuse with the bone.

Once the posts have healed, Dr. Hoffert will take impressions for the fabrication of your new dental bridge. Made of custom dental crowns, the new bridge will be permanently secured to the implanted posts for a stable restoration and a confident new smile.

Dental Implants for Multiple Teeth FAQs

How long does an implant supported dental bridge last?

Using dental implants to support a dental bridge makes the restoration permanent, lasting for 20 or more years. Good daily oral hygiene and routine dental visits are important for spotting any signs of damage or instability that can be addressed early and conservatively.

Am I a candidate for an implant bridge?

Most patients are candidates for using implants to support a dental bridge, but Dr. Hoffert will thoroughly evaluate the condition of your smile when making treatment recommendations.

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