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Root Canal Treatment

Dr. Shawna Hoffert offers root canal therapy and most procedures will be performed in our Asheville, NC dental office. Root canals are a conservative treatment option designed to treat tooth decay while preserving as much of the tooth structure as possible.

We strive to make you feel as comfortable as possible during your treatment. Sedation dentistry options are available for patients who suffer from dental anxiety.

Root Canal Procedure

After ensuring your comfort with a local anesthetic or choice of dental sedation, Dr. Hoffert will make a very small hole in the back of the affected tooth. The infected or decayed pulp will be removed and the interior chamber of the tooth will be cleaned before refilling with a biocompatible material.

Once complete, the tooth will be sealed to prevent future infection. In many cases, it is recommended that a dental crown be placed on the tooth to strengthen it and reduce the risk of further damage.

Root Canal FAQs

What is a root canal?

Every tooth has a root canal, which is a chamber inside the tooth that contains the tooth pulp, nerves and other sensitive tissue. If a tooth is damaged or has tooth decay, bacteria can enter the root canal and cause an infection. This can be very painful and is often the first sign that a root canal procedure is needed.

Does a root canal hurt?

Root canal pain is generally associated with the infection and pressure inside the tooth. A root canal procedure will provide relief from that pain and start the healing process. The procedure itself feels similar to having a dental filling placed. There are also sedation dentistry options to help you feel more comfortable and relaxed during your treatment.

What if I don’t have the root canal treatment?

A tooth extraction is the alternative to root canal therapy. When considering a root canal versus a tooth extraction, it is important to remember that missing teeth must be replaced in order to avoid other problems. Dr. Hoffert will evaluate your condition and inform you of all possible treatment alternatives to help you make the best decision.

How much does a root canal procedure cost?

The cost of root canal therapy will depend on your specific circumstances. Some dental insurance providers will cover a portion of the cost of treatment.