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Dental Implants vs DenturesAsheville, NC

There are two main options for replacing a full arch or complete set of missing teeth. Dentures have been the longstanding treatment for many years and have evolved over time to provide improved results in terms of aesthetics, comfort and dental health. However, dental implants have revolutionized tooth replacement and can be used to secure a custom dental bridge or denture with results that can look and feel like natural teeth. With an implant secured denture, you can enjoy a natural diet, confident speech and stable bone structure in the jaw.

Dr. Shawna Hoffert works with our patients to determine the most suitable option for replacing lost teeth, taking into consideration key factors that affect your long-term result. Although recent advances in implant dentistry make it possible for most patients to consider using dental implants to restore their smile, Dr. Hoffert will thoroughly evaluate the condition of your oral health and your jaw structure to educate you on expected results and how treatment will support your dental health and overall physical well being.

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Dental Implants or Dentures?

There are important differences to consider in both results and long term effects on your oral health when comparing a traditional denture and implant supported dentures. A traditional denture is removable, held in place with the daily use of an adhesive compound. Dentures can often be a more timely and economical solution for tooth replacement. Although today’s dentures use superior materials and can be customized for a snug fit, they are not permanent or secure in the jaw and can diminish your confidence in eating or speaking over time. If you have poorly fitting dentures, Dr. Hoffert can work with you to determine if an implant secured denture or new denture is the solution to your dental problem and will meet your needs.

An implant denture or implant secured dental bridge will provide the most stable, secure and comfortable option for replacing lost teeth. Although using implants will require a bigger up front investment of time and money, the long term result is typically worth the trade off for most patients. Using dental implants means that your new smile is stable, secure and permanent. There is no need for:

  • Daily use of adhesives or cleaning of oral appliances
  • Diet restrictions
  • Fear of slipping dentures

Dental implants replace not only the surface of the tooth, or what you can see when you smile, they also replace the lost tooth root. When the tiny titanium post is placed in your jaw, it fuses with your bone tissue to support the long term stability of your jaw structure- and your oral health. This will avoid jaw shrinkage and changes in the appearance of your lower jaw area as well as help to stabilize the fit of your bite.

The use of implants will require a healing period of up to 6 months in order to provide a bite that will allow you to enjoy the best possible quality of life and a confident smile. Once in place, your implant denture or bridge will give you back a smile that feels and functions like natural teeth and will last a lifetime with good oral hygiene and dental care.

How Do I Care for Implant Dentures?

Dr. Hoffert will discuss how to care for your new implant secured denture or partial for maintaining your oral health. Daily oral hygiene is similar to the maintenane of natural teeth, including brushing and flossing. Routine dental care is also important and provides the opportunity to spot any developing dental concerns in the early stages.

Why Choose Us?

Shawna with Darlene and patient asheville ncWhen it comes to finding the right dentist to help you get back to smiling with confidence, experience and training are two important factors to take into consideration. Dr. Hoffert is known for her caring and compassionate manner with patients, taking the time to listen to your needs and fully evaluate all aspects of your oral health. She is also one of the most highly trained dentists serving the Asheville area and Buncombe County. A member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, Dr. Hoffert is committed to continuing education in order to ensure the best possible patient experience and results.

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