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In Case of a Dental Emergency

Headaches and TMJ, Asheville, NCWould you know what to do incase of a dental emergency? Accidents happen, and when they do it is important to have a plan of action. When it comes to teeth, knowing what to do immediately after an incident could mean the difference between saving a tooth or losing it. Asheville, NC dentists Dr. Hoffert and Dr. Miller offer emergency dental care to existing patients of Red Maple Dental.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency during regularly scheduled hours call: 828.252.7304
If you are experiencing a dental emergency after hours please call: 828.713.9533

Know What To Do In A Dental Emergency

  • Dental Emergency: Lost or Knocked Out Tooth
    What To Do: Try to locate the tooth, if you find it, carefully hold it by the crown. If the tooth has gotten dirty you can rinse the tooth in water but DO NOT scrub or remove any attached tissue. You have the best chance of replacing your lost tooth within one hour of losing it. Call our office immediately after losing your tooth. If your tooth is unable to be saved, we offer dental implants and other missing tooth solutions.
  • Dental Emergency: Lost or Broken Crown or Filling
    What To Do: Never try to replace a lost or broken crown or filling by yourself. Contact our Asheville dentist office as soon as possible. Dr. Hoffert can make a new dental restoration for your tooth. An over the counter pain reliever may ease your discomfort.
  • Dental Emergency: Severe Toothache
    What To Do: Toothaches may be the result of a number of issues. If you are experiencing consistent pain with swelling or redness, be sure to contact Dr. Hoffert immediately. You may take an over the counter painkiller to help ease the pain.
  • Dental Emergency: Abscess
    What To Do: If you have an abscess in your mouth, contact us immediately. Abscesses are a serious infection that could potentially spread to other parts of your body. You may try rinsing with mild saltwater to ease discomfort. It is important to visit the dentist as soon as you can.

Schedule An Appointment

Whether you are experiencing a dental emergency or need to schedule a preventative dental care visit Contact our Asheville dentist office. Ask about our sedation dentistry options and how they can help you receive the quality dental care you deserve. Offering a wide range of cosmetic and restorative dental treatments, Red Maple Dental can help you build a healthy, functional and beautiful smile- while feeling calm and relaxed.