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Oral Cancer Awareness

Oral cancer awareness, Asheville, NCVisiting the dentist twice a year could not only keep your teeth and gums healthy, but it could save your life. Oral cancer has increased in recent years and those with the highest risk, are least likely to go to the dentist. Effective treatment for oral cancer requires early diagnosis.

The best fight against oral cancer is early detection. The American Dental Association recommends regular visits to your dentist for oral cancer screenings. Dr. Hoffert performs an oral cancer screening at every comprehensive oral exam. Regularly scheduled preventative visits to our Asheville, NC dentist office may be your best defense against complex oral health concerns.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Dr. Hoffert recommends oral screening for every adult patient. Any one could develop oral cancer and catching it early is your best chance at fighting it. However, there are risk factors that make certain patients more susceptible to oral cancer. If you know that these risk factors apply to you, you may want to come in more frequently for oral cancer screenings.

Oral Cancer Risk Factors

  • Tobacco Use Of Any Form
  • Heavy alcohol use
  • Exposure to Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
  • Men are twice as likely to develop oral cancer
  • Long term sun exposure

The American Cancer Society believes that the rising numbers in oral cancer may be linked to the growing use of smokeless tobacco and contact with HPV. If you believe you may be at high risk for oral cancer, be sure to schedule a visit to Red Maple dentist office.

Asheville, NC dentist Dr. Hoffert wants you to have a healthy, functional smile your whole life. Preventive care can help diagnose oral cancer, periodontal disease, and can catch other complex oral health conditions in their earliest stages. Early diagnosis can provide Dr. Hoffert the ability to offer the most conservative dental care to restore the function and health of your smile.