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The Effects Of Smoking On The Teeth

The Effects Of Smoking On The Teeth Smoking and tobacco use can have adverse effects on your health as well as your oral health. Research has suggested that smoking and tobacco use can contribute to the development of gum disease, teeth staining, oral cancer and halitosis. Over time smoking can hinder your ability to recover correctly; which is why patients who smoke have a higher risk of developing gum disease.

At Red Maple Dental, Dr. Shawna Hoffert is dedicated to achieving, maintaining, and restoring healthy, functional smiles. We believe patient education is a great tool in helping patients making informed decisions about their oral health. In this post, we will discuss how smoking and tobacco use can affect your oral health.

Oral Cancer: One of the most common risk factors associated with oral cancer is smoking and tobacco use. Smokers are more prone to developing oral cancer. Quitting smoking and tobacco use can minimize your chance of developing oral cancer. Talk to your healthcare professional on safe, effective ways to quit smoking.

Gum Disease: As noted, smoking can hinder your ability to recover from surgery. Gum disease is considered an infection of the gums. Smoking can weaken the immune system, which can make it more difficult to recover from gum disease. Bacteria and plaque can take hold of the teeth and gums are result in gum disease.

Halitosis: Smoking and tobacco use can cause bad breath. Smoking can lead to dry mouth which may also increase your risk of developing tooth decay and cavities.

Smoking and tobacco uses have proven to be harmful to your oral health. The best solution is to quit smoking entirely. Schedule regular visits to our Asheville dental office and practice excellent oral hygiene. The goal after quitting smoking is to restore health to your smile. If you have sustained damage to the teeth due to smoking, Dr. Hoffert and our dental care can work with you to improve the appearance, health, and function of your smile. To learn more about our dentistry services, call (828)-358-1925 or schedule an appointment online.