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The 4 Kinds and Causes of Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is a frequent concern for patients. But there are many different kinds of tooth pain — and these can have different causes. Dr. Shawna Hoffert, an experienced dentist in Asheville, NC, can evaluate your tooth pain and determine the best course of action for in asheville north carolina

1. Pain While Chewing

Pain while chewing can happen for a variety of different reasons. You may have a cracked tooth, broken crown, or loose filling. Any of these things can be a cause of pain. The pain could also be caused by a cavity. Dr. Hoffert will have to examine the problem tooth and determine which of the things it is.

Treatments for this pain will be established once the cause is determined. For a cracked tooth, we may recommend dental bonding or a dental crown, depending on the severity of the crack. For a broken crown or filling, Dr. Hoffert can remove and replace the broken restoration.

2. Jaw Pain

This pain is usually concentrated in the jawbone or face instead of the tooth itself. It’s usually caused by a bite problem. Bite disorders cause pressure in the jaw joints. Your bite may also be misaligned, or your teeth aren’t making proper contact. This can lead to pressure points or teeth grinding that then cause you to experience pain.

Dr. Hoffert can examine your bite and see what she can do to make it more comfortable. She may try treatments for TMJ if she believes that’s the cause of your bite problems. This often involves a custom-fitted dental device that prevents you from grinding your teeth throughout the night, as well as making sure the jaw is in the proper position.

3. Teeth Sensitivity

Sensitivity in the teeth can be common. If you experience sensitivity when eating or drinking something hot or cold, you may just have to switch to a toothpaste made for sensitive teeth.

However, if the sensitivity is severe, there may be a bigger problem. High sensitivity can be a sign of tooth decay. Dr. Hoffert will examine the tooth to confirm that tooth decay is the cause. Often, a root canal is the most common procedure for this problem. Dr. Hoffert will have to drill into your tooth and remove the infected tooth pulp that’s inside. She’ll then seal the tooth with a dental crown.

4. Constant and Severe Tooth Pain

Extremely sharp pain or pain that won’t go away is definitely a problem. This usually points to severe tooth decay or an abscessed tooth. At the very least, you’ll probably need a root canal. If the problem is bad enough, Dr. Hoffert may have to extract the tooth.

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