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How Can Mouthwash Help My Smile?

Natural bacteria in our mouths create a film of plaque over our teeth throughout the day that can erode enamel and cause serious dental harm if left untreated. Brushing our teeth and flossing remove this plaque and keep our teeth and gums healthy.

Rinsing with mouthwash can boost oral hygiene as well if used as directed. Dr. Shawna Hoffert, a dentist in Asheville, NC, describes three oral health benefits you could experience by adding mouthwash to your oral hygiene routine.

boost oral hygiene with mouthwash in Asheville North Carolina

Prevent Bad Breath

Bad-smelling breath, a condition called halitosis, can make you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. The symptom can occur when food particles in your mouth interact with saliva and start to break down.

Rinsing with mouthwash can remove lingering residue from your teeth to stop bad breath from forming. This regimen can also eliminate plaque in spots of your mouth you may have missed while brushing, therefore lowering your risk of developing dental problems that can contribute to halitosis.

Strengthen Your Teeth

When choosing a mouthwash, you should select one that includes fluoride to experience maximum oral health benefits. Fluoride strengthens your enamel, the outer layer of your teeth, enabling them to better resist dental issues like tooth decay.

Fluoride mouthwash can have cosmetic benefits for your smile too. When your teeth are strong, they are better able to fight staining agents that you may consume. Combined with a good oral hygiene regimen, you can keep your teeth whiter and brighter.

Promote Gum Health

Bacteria in your mouth can spread across your teeth and increase your risk of oral infections if you do not maintain proper oral hygiene elements. This could mean you could be more likely to contract gum disease, a condition that leaves your gums swollen, tender, and bleeding.

Your dentist may recommend using an antibacterial mouthwash to fight gum infections and balance bacteria in your mouth. This can keep your entire mouth clean and avoid major dental damage that periodontal disease can cause, including tooth loss. Mouthwash is a useful preventative dental care treatment.

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