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Tooth ExtractionAn Overview

If you think you need a tooth extraction, contact our Asheville dental office for a consultation with Dr. Shawna Hoffert. She will evaluate your condition and recommend a full treatment plan. Tooth extractions may be used to restore oral health. Dr. Hoffert also offers full service dental implant procedures for the long term replacement of missing teeth.

There are times when a tooth extraction is the best choice. In many cases, however, it is best to preserve the natural teeth. Dr. Hoffert offers tooth fillings and root canals as conservative treatment options to restore decayed or damaged teeth.

Once a tooth is lost, the bone begins to deteriorate and the gum is exposed to more bacteria, increasing the risk of developing gum disease. The teeth that remain can also shift, causing potential problems with the fit of the bite and TMJ function. So, if you do have a tooth pulled, it is important that you also consider the replacement options for the missing tooth.

Dr. Hoffert offers a full range of replacement options for missing teeth including dental implants, bridges and dentures.

I am a new patient to Red Maple Dental and Dr Hoffert. Great experience for my first cleaning, staff was very curteous and great to work with. Will be back in 6 months!Sean Oakes
Dr Hoffert and her staff are always curteous and helpful. I always feel welcomed and important at their office. When I had a cracked tooth Dr Hoffert was able to create a crown and place it the same day. I would recommend this office to anyone!Diana Hoffert
I hate going to the dentist. However, I love the staff at Red Maple Dental. They understand my trauma from early dental experiences and help me relax. They explain what needs to be done and why. Last week I had a small filling replaced. They matched the color of the…Debbie Pittman
Great treatment experience as usual - super team! Thank you!A.
Most wonderful experience. Kind, understanding staff & what a wonderful Dr.D.
For All the people that "hate going to the dentist" they need to meet Shawna Hoffert!P.

Tooth Extraction What to Expect

Dr. Hoffert will make sure that patients are as comfortable as possible during their tooth extraction. Red Maple Dental offers sedation dentistry for patients who are experiencing dental anxiety. Sedation dentistry can help patients feel totally relaxed and comfortable while remaining alert and responsive. Dr. Hoffert will help patients choose a sedation method prior to treatment.

Tooth extractions are a routine dental procedure and are typically complete with in one visit to our Asheville, NC dentist office. The tooth will be gently removed by the root and in some cases the gums will be sutured closed to prevent infection.

Dr. Hoffert and our dental care team will provide personalized after care treatment instructions to help with a quick and comfortable recovery.

Dr. Shawna Hoffert

Why choose Red Maple Dental?

Dr. Shawna Hoffert leads a team of dental professionals committed to the health, comfort and beauty of your smile at Red Maple Dental. Located in Asheville, NC, our dentist office serves patients from many local communities and Buncombe County.

From routine dental care for maintaining a healthy smile to advanced treatment options for dental concerns, we offer the convenience of complete oral care under one roof.