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Could All-on-Four change your life? Asheville Dentist

For patients who have lost all of their upper or lower teeth, daily life can be a bit more challenging- even if they have dentures to replace them.

Traditional dentures can replace the appearance of someone’s natural teeth, but they can often come up short when it comes to replacing their natural function. Dentures require daily maintenance and periodic adjusting to keep them in good working order, but even with diligent upkeep, many patients suffer with slipping dentures that can make eating and speaking a chore at times. This can have an affect on their daily quality of life and lead to avoiding social situations and changes in diet, both of which can have a detrimental affect on overall health.

Over time, most patients will also experience bone loss in the jaw after losing their teeth which can lead to changes in both the fit of their dentures and their facial appearance. For those who have lost teeth at an early age, this type of bone loss can make them appear older than they are as the jaw shrinks inward over time.

Modern restorative dentistry has a solution to these and other problems that patients face with lost teeth: All-on-Four denture implants. Dr. Miller offers this procedure to patients who are good candidates for dental implants and need to replace all of their top or bottom teeth.

Benefits of All-on-Four

  • Secure, custom fit tooth replacement using four or more dental implants.
  • Helps to reduce bone loss- the implanted posts act like tooth roots and helps maintain bone tissue
  • Natural looking, custom made dentures will not slip or require daily maintenance
  • Patients can eat and speak normally.


Dr. Miller will thoroughly evaluate a patient’s dental health and discuss their personal concerns and goals when making recommendations for tooth replacement, or any restorative dentistry. Best results are achieved when any underlying dental problems are addressed and the needs and goals of a patient are taken into consideration.

All-on-Four implant dentures can bring a lifetime of smiles with proper care and regular visits with Dr. Miller to ensure they are fitting well and the remaining tissues and teeth are kept healthy.