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Your Teeth and Gum Disease

Restorative dentistry is often seen as a cosmetic procedure, improving the aesthetic of one’s smile. However, it plays an essential role in oral health beyond mere aesthetics. Problems such as crooked, chipped or overcrowded teeth may appear to be minor cosmetic issues but they can significantly impact your oral health. Over time, you can develop gum disease. As a result, this can drastically impact your oral and overall well-being.

Your Teeth and Gum Disease

Gum Disease Risks

Crooked or overcrowded teeth could indicate deeper problems beneath the gums. Teeth shifting due to lack of space can lead to cracking or fracturing. This crowding can cause pain, and if left untreated, infection might occur. Moreover, maintaining cleanliness becomes challenging with misaligned teeth, which increases plaque build-up between teeth and along the gum line, leading to erosion of tooth enamel.

Inflammation and infection of gums may also follow suit, causing them to recede from the teeth and making them less stable. Progressive gum disease has been linked with systemic health problems like heart disease and diabetes, underscoring why restorative dentistry should not be overlooked.

Concerns with Gum Disease

With gum disease, there are many factors that can damage your oral health. Gum disease can cause a series of issues with your mouth and body.

Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease. fortunately, it’s reversible. However, if left untreated, this could progress into a more serious form called periodontitis. Regular dental check-ups are crucial as they enable early detection and prevention of gum diseases. Missing teeth may affect how you speak or eat and even cause remaining teeth to shift, leading to bone loss around the missing tooth area. Modern advances offer several options, including bridges, dentures, and implants to replace lost teeth.

Tooth sensitivity could result from cavities, fractured worn fillings, gum disease, and worn enamel exposed roots, among others. Proper oral hygiene is key to preventing sensitive-tooth pain. Dry mouth might seem insignificant, but without saliva’s cleansing effects, tooth decay, and other oral health issues become common, especially for those on medication or living with certain health conditions that cause dry mouth. Oral cancer can start as unnoticed white, red spot sore swelling anywhere in the mouth and throat, making regular dental visits essential for its early detection when it’s easier to treat.

Teeth Wear

Misalignment leads to uneven wear over time, resulting in premature tooth decay or pain. Excessive tooth wear could result from factors such as an overbite, underbite, jaw injury, or even ill-fitted crown molding, among others. This excessive wear exposes sensitive layers beneath enamel called dentin, which erodes faster than enamel once exposed, causing more discomfort. Without treatment, this can lead down a path where bridges, crowns, root canal treatment implants, and even dentures become necessary remedies.

Overall Health Improvement

Gum disease links extend beyond dental concerns, affecting overall health, including conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s, among others. Misaligned, broken, missing, or crowded teeth are harder to clean, thereby increasing the risk of gum disease. Correcting these seemingly cosmetic issues actually contributes to keeping your body healthy.

Restorative Dentistry in Asheville, NC

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